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Our company is based on the belief that your crowns are to be beautiful at all times and the care of your locs are the utmost of importance.  We are committed to meeting those needs!

             Starter Locs  
Coils                                                 $100
Palm Rolling                                 $100
Interlocking                                     $250+
2 Strand Twist                                    $75+
Mini Locs                                            $350
Palm Roll                                            $65-$75
Interlock                                               $85 
Over due Interlock                                        $45 per hour
Fake Out                                                $45  
                    Loc Pruning/Grooming                                $30                                                                     
Full Package                                  $700+  first 1-3 inches
(Consult, Install &  1st Follow Up )
Retightenings                          $45 per hr
Styles                                  (see below)
see Sisterlocks page for more info
          Asayahlocs Styles
Simple Styles                          $15+
Creative Styles                       $25
Rod Sets                                 $30
Pipe Cleaner Curls                 $35

Natural Hair Styles
Simple Protective Styles                           $45+
Creative Protective Styles                           $75          
Flat twists                                             $75+
Twist Out                                          $75
Bantu Knots                                     $75
Palm Roll (free hair)                                    $75         

Reconstruction                        $15+
Trim                                           $15
Loc Repairs                             $10+       
Baking Soda Cleansing                $20                
Penetrating Conditioning                      $20                         

Please send us your information on the contact us page, so we can connect with you regarding updates, events, specials and prices. 
Consider purchasing Asayahlocs Products they will do your scalp GOOOOOOOD!
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