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Asayah Loc Nurturing & Styling Salon Policies
∞  We reserve the right to deny services to anyone.
∞  No personal checks.
∞ Please come to your appointment on time and alone,
    there is limited space for company. 
∞  Please give a 24 hour notice for  cancellation or
     rescheduling your appointment.   
∞  $25 charge for ALL NEW CLIENTS ! (to be deducted from total services)
∞  Extra services can only be added to future
      Appointments because of time restraints. 
∞  Please place a courtesy call if you are running late .      
     15—30 minutes behind may result in rescheduled
∞  Please present any discount or coupon cards at
     beginning of appointment. 
∞  Please respond to confirmation calls or texts.
     Not responding may result in your appointment time being given 

“The level of service at Asayah Loc Nurturing & Styling is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism that I experience. March 1st will be three years I've had my locks and I'm lovin it. Thanks to my Sista Candace Smith. If you are thinking about locking your hair or know someone who has locks let them know this is the sista you want to meet.  
Sandra Flowers
I am so glad that I took one of my many trips to Target and just happen to be in line behind Candace.  The whole time she was on the phone and I was checking out her hair saying "darn I wish she wasn't on that phone so I could find out who does her hair."  It was just as if she heard my thoughts and she turned around and gave me her card.  How excited was I to find out that she was the stylist.  I was in her chair two weeks later and there ain't no turning back.  Now I pass out her cards to any and everyone who asks about my beautiful locs.  Thank you Candace for your creativity and your ability to keep my locs looking beautiful.  I also love the fact that there is no waiting - your scheduled time is your scheduled time.  Candace is always waiting for me when I arrive.  Keep doing what you're doing and God will continue to bless you!
...Stephanie Ford
I just wanted to say thank you for making a special appointment for me. I was truly impressed and happy with your services. You are an example of the unique, professional, and on time stylist that ALL women are looking for. My next time in Philly...I will call to schedule an appointment. May God continue to bless you and your business!
...Juanita McWhite
I just want to say I miss you and your skill sets terribly. I knew you
were the bomb from the minute you spun me around to look in that
mirror, and I feel it the most now. Not only is your skill impecable
but your demeanor is spirit filled. After I had my  hair done last
Monday by a company creator, product maker and was unsatisfied
, I said to myself "Candace has to get out of that
basement so the world can have her". but in do season according to the
will of the father of course!  I'm itching to see  you in soon. Be blessed sis
…Twyla Smith-Sterling
Please move to Pittsburgh...or just make house calls, particularly my house :)
…Toya Jones
Candace u do excellent work and your professionalism is refreshing. Ur skills,talent and creativity is phenominal! Keep up the good work!  A forever client!
...Wanda Farlow
 Home of the most creative and gentle hands in the biz.
...Yvette Giminez
As being a man of character, I am always of appreciative when this value is demonstrated in others, and Candace Smith is truly one of those special others. I have had the privilege of having my hair cared for by Mrs. Smith since January of 2012, and from that very first time until now, she has been nothing but the best! Her professionalism, timeliness, knowledge, skills, and ability have been above and beyond my greatest expectation. So much so, that I extended her services to my five year old son in July of 2012, and now “Mrs. Candace Smith” – as my son calls her – is our house hold name for hair care. I am truly honored to have Mrs. Smith as the hair care professional for both my son and I … our time with has been invaluable and absolutely appreciated!
...Esrick O. McCartha Sr.
I have been a client of Candace for about a year, and I look forward to every interaction with her.  She is the epitome of precision and consistency; precision in her craft of hair care, and consistency in what she delivers tangibly and intangibly with every meeting.  Candace is the most honest hair care professional I have ever encountered, and she will only perform her services with the best of intentions, and, above all, with the client’s needs put first.  She has honI ed her craft beyond words, and I am always amazed by the results when I leave from my session with her.  She focuses on nothing but quality, from the products she uses, the time she allocates to each client, and the warm environment she’s created for her clients to truly relax.  Candace is always pleasant, knowledgeable, and gives the most thorough consultation at every appointment.  Candace is always punctual and is extremely thoughtful about her scheduling and valuing client’s time and money.  She is real; no façade, no ego, no drama.  Candace consistently delivers an excellent product at a fair price with much enjoyment and enthusiasm about her work.  She exudes integrity in her work, and I am so very proud to be amongst a select group of her regular clients.
...Amanee Scott-Stephan
I have to say that the experience was all that and then some. You made me feel so welcome and made me see that I can be so stylish and beautiful even with my hair loss and that meant the world to me. I love it because not often do you get that one on one time with a stylist. I pray that the Lord grants you increase and blessings because of your gift!!!
...Alexis Strong
What is it about Asayah loc nurturing and styling that has all of us coming back? I don't believe there is one word to explain, so I'll use several...warm, inviting environment, amazing natural top-of-the-line products, genuinely positive personality, affordable, unridiculous costs, and most of all dazzling styles that will stop people in the tracks as they say "woooow". Thanks Candace for being Candace!
...Wendi Mungai
Honey, what you are accomplishing with Asayah Loc Nurturing & Styling is not just about doing hair, making clothes, and making money. It is about the transformative work of Jesus Christ on the inside that is displayed outwardly through the hair, fashion, and the unique style that the Lord has blessed you with. Your inward beauty is not only displayed through your smile, but also in the incredible vehicle that God has given you to display your gifts. It is the blessing of the Lord that makes us rich...with every hairstyle you complete, dress, or accessory that you make, the Lord is displaying the richness of His riches through you! Who would not want someone as blessed as you are to bless them with such a wonderful gift? I LOVE YOU SUGA!!!
...Rev. Edward W. Smith (The Love of MY Life and BIGGEST Supporter )
May God Bless You and Keep You is my prayer!   C.Smith
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